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  • Best Solution Professional Jewelry and Glass Care Solution 32 oz All natural

Best Solution Professional Jewelry and Glass Care Solution 32 oz All natural

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Product Description

 Most effective jewelry and eyeglasses polish
Provides beautifully streak-free unmatched brilliance


Not only does BEST SOLUTION clean and polish your eyeglasses to a beautifully streak-free unmatched brilliance, but it doubles as the most effective jewelry polish available.

While cleaning every type of jewelry including: pearls, opals, silver, gold, diamonds, turquoise, jade, emeralds, platinum, and costume jewelry.

BEST SOLUTION Eyeglass and Jewelry polish is completely safe for all jewelry. NO ACID, AMMONIA, OR ABRASIVES & ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE.

Glass & plastic - Spray on all sides, wipe off, then buff with soft cloth. Opaque stones - Spray on, rub softly, rinse with cold water, and dry. All other jewelry - Spray or soak, brush well, rinse with cold water.

Research Laboratories have developed an advanced compound formulated to be superior to all other product currently in use. Formulated with a combination of specialized cleansing and polishing agents previously limited to laboratory use. BEST SOLUTION is safe and gentle, even for skin contact.

Our BEST SOLUTION excels in two distinct areas. The cleaning and polishing of jewelry, even semi precious stones such as pearls and opals. It even polishes silver and gold to the highest luster unmatched by any other jewelry cleaner. Dirt, grease and foreign substances are gently absorbed and removed achieving an extremely bright, sparkling appearance.

BEST SOLUTION an also brighten and polish costume jewelry without causing harm to the finish. Platinum, chrome, brass, stainless steel and basically all polish metals can achieve a brilliant finish in just seconds.

Another area of BEST SOLUTION superior performance is its ability to polish both glass and plastic surfaces.

Eyeglasses, glass & plastics will not steam or fog when applied. Fingerprints or smears can be reduced or eliminated. The results will amaze you. It removes all foreign material quickly and applies a polishing agent for an extremely high gloss finish. This process can be applied to anti reflective lens without harm to the finish. BEST SOLUTION rotects the surface with an anti fogging compound that will actually assist in the prevention of fingerprints, smears, and smudges. The optically clear shield applied by BEST SOLUTION will allow the end user to buff the surface without smearing or scratching. In addition to eyeglasses, BEST SOLUTION an achieve the same superior results for bathroom mirrors, camera lenses, computers screens, TV screens, sliding glass doors, Lucite, ski and scuba masks, binoculars, rifle scopes, aircraft, auto or boat windshields, and basically any non porous surfaces. Anti fogging will last 1 to 2 weeks on any fixed surface (I.e.. bathroom mirrors). Eyeglasses should be applied minimum twice a week.

Due to its unique properties, BEST SOLUTION has excelled in the polishing and cleaning of every type of jewelry available today. Just spray on any polished metal, wait five seconds, then rinse and dry. All your Gold, Silver, Platinum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Pewter, etc.. will restore to an unmatched brilliance you have long forgotten. Even semi-precious stones such as Pearls and Opals.

Dirt, grease and foreign substances are gently absorbed and removed achieving an extremely bright sparkling appearance. No other jewelry polishing agent can equal this modern scientific process. Platinum, chrome, brass, stainless steel and basically all polish metals can achieve a brilliant finish in just seconds. Every type of stone from emeralds to costume jewelry will shine better then new.

PRECIOUS METALS: BEST SOLUTION will clean and polish most metals such as gold, silver, platinum, chrome. Just spray on your jewelry and wait 10 seconds, rinse, then dry with a soft cloth. If your Jewelry has not been polished for some time, you may have to let it soak for several minutes, then use a soft brush. (Caution! see Semi-Precious Stones below before soaking or brushing your jewelry) BEST SOLUTION will not damage any metal or stone.

SEMI-PRECIOUS STONES: Porous stones can not be cleaned with conventional jewelry cleaners. Any stone that is opaque is usually considered to be a porous stone. i.e. pearls, opals, onyx, coral etc... . These stones should not be soaked or brushed like other jewelry. Simply spray a liberal amount of BEST SOLUTION, rub gently with your fingers, rinse, and dry with a soft cloth. This method should also be used with costume jewelry.

PRECIOUS STONES: Any stones such as a diamond , emerald, ruby, etc..., can be cleaned and polished by spraying or soaking in BEST SOLUTION, brush under the stone, rinse, and dry.

BEST SOLUTION Eyeglass and Jewelry Polish is designed for all non porous surfaces. Eyeglasses will be clearer than the day you first received them, (Understand that soap and water, or plain water will clean your eyeglasses), BEST SOLUTION cleans and polishes to achieve amazing results, and should last approximately four to five days.

Added to the polished look and feel of your glasses, they will not steam or fog up. Move in or out of your air conditioned automobile, home, or office, have a cup of coffee, open an oven door, golf, play tennis, do just about anything and they will not steam or fog.

REGULAR EYEGLASSES: If you wear Eyeglasses, using BEST SOLUTION will be the most rewarding experience you will have. Spray BEST SOLUTION on all four sides ( inside and out ) of your glasses, immediately wipe off using a soft cloth. After you have remove BEST SOLUTION from your eyeglasses, very lightly buff the lens (Remember BEST SOLUTION is a polish ). This will give your eyeglasses the polished look that will last.

GLASS & PLASTIC: Spray a liberal amount of BEST SOLUTION on surface, then immediately wipe off using a soft cloth, ( in some cases you may prefer paper towels, however keep in mind that paper is made of wood fibers and may scratch plastic or glass ). After you have remove BEST SOLUTION from the surface, very lightly buff. ( remember BEST SOLUTION is a polish). This will give the polished look that will last.

If you notice a film that will not clear up, you may have applied more polish then the cloth can hold. To correct, simply apply a small amount of water to thin BEST SOLUTION and polish dry.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Solution

When I apply BEST SOLUTION to my Mirror, Glass Top Table, and/or Sliding Glass Door, I see a film?
BEST SOLUTION is a polish, other cleaners that you use will only clean. BEST SOLUTION leaves a clear protecting shield (similar to a polish on your vehicle). Before applying BEST SOLUTION for the first time you , clean your mirror with water and dry with a soft cloth. Apply BEST SOLUTION, dry, and buff. If a film is visible, apply a small amount of water to thin the polish. This technique will only be required on the first application of BEST SOLUTION.

Can I use BEST SOLUTION on my home windows?
BEST SOLUTION is designed for special purposes such as anti-fog and anti-fingerprints, smears, or smudges. Although BEST SOLUTION can be applied to windows throughout the home, there are other relatively less expensive products for windows. However many customers have had great success by adding a cap full of BEST SOLUTION to a half pail of water, then applying using sponge and squeegee method on windows. Results will last up to 4(four) months between applications.

Can I use BEST SOLUTION on any type of jewelry?
BEST SOLUTION is completely safe for every type of jewelry. Pearls, opals, diamonds, turquoise, costume jewelry, and every type of metal, etc.. . BEST SOLUTION will not damage any jewelry. Directions should be followed, and special attention to porous stones will insure your success with BEST SOLUTION.

My jewelry looks great for a day or two. Shouldn't a polish last longer?
BEST SOLUTION can last up to thirty days on most jewelry. Rinse the jewelry thoroughly with clean water to flush out any heavy residue of the product that would collect dirt, due to drying sticky to the touch. The polish that should remains is a micro finish that will not collect dust if rinsed well.

Can I use BEST SOLUTION on my Plastic lens?

Can I use BEST SOLUTION on my Anti-Glare lens (Anti Reflective Lens)?

Can I use BEST SOLUTION on the frames of my eyeglasses?
Yes, BEST SOLUTION is safe for all plated metals and plastics.

After applying BEST SOLUTION to my eyeglasses they appear to have more scratches than ever before?
BEST SOLUTION will not scratch plastic or glass. However, if you regularly clean your eyeglasses with tissues or other wood base toweling, your glasses would have many micro scratches that will be much more visible after applying BEST SOLUTION. Flush your eyeglasses under running water to remove BEST SOLUTION, This will bring your eyeglasses back to their original condition. BEST SOLUTION can not repair scratched lens and should not be used until your lenses are corrected. (Every product has its limitations, "Removing scratches is BEST SOLUTION.)

Can I use BEST SOLUTION on my tinted automobile windshield?
Yes! It is highly recommended that cleaners with ammonia are not used on tinted windshields. Ammonia can damage or discolor tints. BEST SOLUTION has no acid ammonia or abrasives and will not damage any tints.

My bathroom mirror still steams up after I apply BEST SOLUTION?
The ability of BEST SOLUTION to prevent mirrors from steaming up during a hot shower is influenced by a variety of circumstances. Temperature of water, location of a mirror to the shower head, the size of the enclosed area, outside temperature, applying too much water to BEST SOLUTION during application. This can easily be remedied by applying a second or third applications of BEST SOLUTION, allowing approx. one day between applications.

I have applied BEST SOLUTION correctly and the anti fogging properties of BEST SOLUTION is not working?
The ability of BEST SOLUTION to prevent glass or plastic from steaming up can be affected by certain conditions. Try these methods to improve your situation.

1. Do not rinse with water after applying, this will remove BEST SOLUTION.
2. First time users, apply a second or third application, allowing 1day between applications.
3. For eyeglasses only, spray and wait 30 seconds before drying.
4. BEST SOLUTION will prevent fogging for approximately 3 -5 days.



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